• I have been a DBA for 3 years now (still learning) but I was thinking about getting a little bit of training in Azure because I have heard that this is the future. Can someone recommend anything, any training which can help me enhance my career. We already have 6 DBs in a company I work in and I just want to make myself a little valuable so I am not sure where to start from. Any advises from experts?

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  • Sign up for the free/limited Azure account and start learning the Azure Portal, how to create a VM (with or without SQL preinstalled), how to create an Azure SQL Database, etc. None of these are particularly hard to do, but they each have some quirks you will have to work through....and you will be stronger for it 🙂

    Pro-tip...if you have a VM created and showing as anything other than "deallocated" in the portal...the meter is running.

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