AWS S3 with video editing?

  • I'm looking for a solution where I can add the cloud storage as a shared network drive or folder on my PC and then directly edit heavy videos from the cloud via my connection. I have a 10 Gigabit internet connection and all the hardware to support that amount of load. However it seems like it literally isn't a thing yet and I can't seem to understand why.

    I've tried AWS S3, speeds are not fast enough and there is only a small amount of thirdparty softwares that can map a S3 bucket as a network drive. Even with transfer acceleration it still causes some problems. I've tried to use EC2 computing as well, however Amazon isn't able to supply with the amount of CPUs I need to scale this up.

    My goal is to have multiple workstations across the world connected to the same cloud storage, all with 10 Gigabit connections so they can get real time previews of files in the cloud and directly use them to edit in Premiere/Resolve. It shouldn't be any different as if I had a NAS on my local network with a 10 Gigabit connection. Only difference should be that the NAS would be in the cloud instead.

    Anyone got ideas how I can achieve this?

  • I have seen temporary shortages of specific instance configurations in specific regions, but It seems odd that AWS couldn't supply the EC2 instances you need in the long run. Are you Pixar? 🙂

    What EC2 instance type/size are you trying to use, and how many in a single region?

    Have you talked directly to AWS reps? They can probably help determine a solution and get resources where needed.

    Are you set on specific editors? There are services like Blackbird & Vimond IO that claim to solve this problem (no idea how good they are):

    I assume you've seen AWS Edit in the Cloud docs:



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  • One helpful workaround I've found is using a dedicated server with a high-speed internet connection as a middleman between your workstations and the cloud storage. It acts like a bridge and can provide better editing speeds, though it's not a perfect solution.

    Another thing to consider is resizing the videos before editing. It might lower the quality, but it can be a practical alternative for smoother editing. I've used Movavi for video editing tasks; it's worth a shot if you're looking for user-friendly software.

    Also, exploring other cloud providers like Google Cloud Platform or Microsoft Azure might be a good idea, as they could offer improved performance for your needs.

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  • You cannot directly edit files in an S3 bucket.

    To edit them you would have to download the file edit it locally then upload the edited file to an S3 bucket.

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