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    How can we automatically remove people from report subscriptions when they are disabled or don’t exist in AD?  We have Reporting Services standard and data driven reports and we are trying to find a way to automatically remove users when they don't exist in AD anymore.  I have read up on the [sys].[sp_validatelogins] stored procedures that I can run in SQL and it will show me SQL logins that do not have an associated AD account, but is there a more efficient way to remove users from the report subscriptions?  We are running SQL 2016.


    Bea Isabelle

  • Thanks for posting your issue and hopefully someone will answer soon.

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  • A few more details would be helpful. What drives the data they see, and if the email is sent to an internal email stored in AD. If group membership for example drives data, nested groups in AD also need consideration.

    I see removal due to no AD account handled with removal, but would hesitate to assume a disabled account be handled the same.

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