Automatic update of outdated statistics

  • It took me over two hours to figure this one out - my personal record, I think.

    Thanks, Uwe!

  • Wow, what a question.

  • Great question. Thanks for the effort Uwe.

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  • An interesting thing happens after changing your Id column to:

    Id INT IDENTITY (1, 1) PRIMARY KEY NOT NULL, and using the clustered index stats, instead of the non-clustered index:

    On Version 2012: the stats based on the new clustered index (PK__Customer_...) don't get updated, exactly how you described here[/url]

    On Version 2014: the 500 + 20% modification threshold suddenly starts taking effect and both of the outdated stats (ix_Customer_ZIP and PK__) get updated, as defined in BOL, and the uniqueness of the returned results no longer matters ...

    So for SQL 2014 this part of your explanation: "... behavior is independent of clustered or non clustered index. Only the UNIQUENESS of an index ... is relevant!" seems to be no longer true.

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