• I have a view in my database where data is stored, it has 2 columns (ID and value) and 3 rows (ID1, 2 and 3), the ID never changes but the value column of this ID always has a new value (e.g. ID : 1 value : False; ID :2 value : 55), the ID1 always changes from True to False and ID2 and 3 always have new values

    I have created a new table with 2 columns (ID and Value).

    I want to write a program that every time the value of ( ID 1 ) changes from False to True in the view, a new row is automatically inserted in the new table with the value of ID2 and ID3).

    this is my program :

    INSERT INTO Table1 ( ID,Value )

    SELECT dbo.View1.Value , View_1.Value ,

    FROM dbo.View1 CROSS JOIN

    dbo.View1 AS View1_1

    WHERE (dbo.View1ID = 2)AND (View1_1.ID = 3)

    it does what I want, but only when I run the program, I want this insert function to happen automatically every time the ID1 in the view changes from false to true. can you please help me

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  • You will need to look at a DML trigger, after update if the value of val for ID is true do an insert, else do nothing.

    Something similar to the below

    CREATE TRIGGER <InsertNameHere> ON <InsertTableNameHere>
    INSERT INTO <WhateverTable>
    SELECT value1, value2, value3
    FROM Inserted
    WHERE ID1 = 1 and ID1Value = 'True'
  • This was answered when you posted the question previously:

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