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  • Does this work for databases encrypted using TDE as well?

  • thesqlme - Monday, January 22, 2018 8:29 PM

    Does this work for databases encrypted using TDE as well?

    Yes, that method works with TDE and I have tested that. But you can't use wizard to add such database in the AG only script option is available. Also make sure that you have distributed the encryption certificate among the participating replicas.

  • I have an issue when adding multiple databases with Automatic Seeding.  I have synchronous and asynchronous replicas. It's the synchronous replica that loses its place.  It stops restoring databases somewhere down the list.  I can add additonal databases, which get seeded appropriately, but the original 'batch' doesn't pick up and continue UNTIL I restart the SQL service on the secondary replica (??).  I'm intentionally trying to push the limits of what I might do with an AG.  This occurs as I'm adding a dozen or more databases to an AG that already has about that many databases synchronized (I submitted individual statements in a script, NOT separated by GO or semi colons).  I'm looking for robustness, error handling, and hints for corrective action.  This is a yellow flag for me.  I wish I had thought to check the [sys].[dm_hadr_physical_seeding_stats] view.  Other than restarting the SQL service on the secondary, Would you know of any SQL commands that might apply to restarting the seeding process?

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