Automated Trace File Collection

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    This is a good article but the examples are just for testing the trace features. To set up a regular (daily) trace, the article written by Haidong Ji titled "Using SQL Trace to Audit Database Access" has better examples of the steps needed. The VBScript is nice to know, but unnecessary. The FN_TRACE_GETTABLE will automatically import all files with the same file name plus "_x" where x is a sequential number. (example trace_1.trc) Instead of scheduling a job to run every ten minutes and calling the SP_TRACE_SETSTATUS, setting the stop time on the SP_TRACE_CREATE parameter would be less costly.

    Haidong Ji's article is here:

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    I ran the SQL script found at

    and get the following message when it completes:

    Msg 19055, Level 16, State 1, Procedure sp_trace_setfilter, Line 1

    Filters with the same event column ID must be grouped together.

    (1 row(s) affected)

    Does anyone know how to correct that script so as not to receive that message?

    Thank you.


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