Automated Backups for SQLServer Express

  • Where can I find information on setting up automatic backups for SQLServer Express?

  • with a non-express version of SQL, the SQLAgent is used to perform jobs on a schedule, like backups and other maintenance tasks.

    since Express doesn't include the SQL Agent, you'll need to use Windows Scheduled Tasks, and write something in a programming language that connects to the database and calls the backup commands, ; other alternatives are maybe a vbs script, or maybe powershell (is that included with Express?), which i haqve not played with yet.


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  • Yes Powershell is included.

  • Maybe, by using the schedule you can do it periodically.

    But, If you use the MS SQL Server Express Edition, I recommend

    you to create a service application to do that.

    So, from this application you can do execute strored procedure that

    execute the script for back up then to the folder that you want.

    FYI, I'm not familiar with Perl. But, by using delphi I can do that so



    Eko Indriyawan

  • This works really well....

    "Scheduling Backups for SQL Server 2005 Express"

    Tim White

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