Automate Sliding Window Partition Maintenance: Part II

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  • Thanks for continuing the series on this subject.

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  • I have encouraged our DBA team to get powershell installed (SQL 2005) - no luck yet. Meanwhile I use a procedure for each partitioning function. Here is an example where boundaries are YYYYMM. For monthly loads - we call this in ETL process before insert. You'll notice no use of filegroups - it would take a bit more code if we were strategically using filegroups.

    Ommitted try/catch, error handling to keep is short.

    create procedure [dbo].[CreateYearMonthPartition] @YearMonth int as

    declare @PartitionId int

    -- check if partition for this period already exists

    select @PartitionId = rv.boundary_id + 1

    from sys.partition_functions pf

    join sys.partition_range_values rv on pf.function_id=rv.function_id


    and rv.value=@YearMonth

    if @PartitionId is null


    -- partition does not exist; create it.

    alter partition scheme [YearMonth_RangeR_scheme]

    next used [PRIMARY]

    alter partition function [YearMonth_RangeR]()

    split range (@YearMonth)


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