Auto Page Recovery with DB Mirroring

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  • Nice question.

    There is a typo in the answers - "Page Free Spage" should be read as "Page Free Space".

  • Good question, Thanks.


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  • Good question, good clear answer.

    Rather a lot (60%) of people getting it wrong, surprisingly.


  • Excellent question. Learned something new today.

  • Good question. I agree with Tom. Surprising number of incorrect answers. And yet no complaints - yet. Strange.

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  • Tom.Thomson (8/18/2011)


    Rather a lot (60%) of people getting it wrong, surprisingly.

    I'm surprised that more people didn't get it wrong - especially if, like me, they attempt to answer without looking it up. I wasn't at all surprised to get it wrong - it doesn't strike me as the kind of thing you just know or can work out. I made an educated guess and got one right.


  • *sob* I read the question backwards... that is, "Which types of pages can be auto recovered..." I remember thinkings, wow... there must be a whole lot that can't be auto-recovered. Index pages aren't a problem, and I know PFS and GAM aren't. Hmmm... well, logically which two would most critically need to be recovered.

    Doh! >< I must read the questions closer before answering.

    I have to assume the 12% of people who also answered "Data" MUST have read it the same way. 🙂 (I will HAVE to choose to assume they read it that way...)

  • Thanks, good question

  • Nice question! Thanks!

  • Great question, thanks!

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  • Woot - nice question.

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  • nice question!!

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  • Great question. I am also a little suprised at the 60% wrong answers rate. Although I understand why some would have selected all of the Allocation Page types. 😎

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