Auto Close and Auto Shrink - Just Don't

  • Most of our databases in production use auto shrink. None of them use auto close.

    I suspect the reason we have not noticed much in the way of a performance hit is because it is rare to have large amounts of data deleted during peak hours. Whenever a customer issues a delete command what really happens is a delete column is flagged as deleted. Some months later this data is moved to an archive table in the same database. So all our databases are gradually growing which means the auto shrink probably doesn't often try to shrink our databases.

    Robert W. Marda

    SQL Programmer

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    Robert W. Marda
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  • Robert,

    I suspect that is why we do not tend to see problems with Auto Shrink as well. "Purge" does not seem to be in our Developers' vocabulary. The majority of our databases tend to grow steadily so there is little to shrink, except for the log files.


  • yeh.. um.. ok, there must be times where you have to auto-shrink!  Isn't there? or is it completely dud and useless?


  • If auto-shrink is turned on , is there any possible side effects on the database if you turn it off ?

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