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    Hi DBA's

    I can login into sql server using my windows authentication

    for example:


    If i change to authentication mode to Sql Server authentication

    Its throwin error

    Server Name: DVMS

    Error Number: 18456

    Severity: 14

    State: 1

    Line Number: 65536

    Please help me!

  • MyDoggieJessie


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    You need to research the true nature of the error. Login failure errors aren't going to tell you the problem, in fact I believe every login error (whether it be a bad password, account disabled, etc) will return you the same error number, and always State 1. This is by keep people from obtaining too much information.

    To find out the real reason for the error you need to dive into your SQL error logs. If you have access to those logs then you should see somewhere in there the real reason for the error. Example:

    2012-08-02 00:02:00.34 Logon Error: 18456, Severity: 14, State: 8.

    2012-08-02 00:02:00.34 Logon Login failed for user '<user name>'. [CLIENT: <ip address>]

    The most common list of possible error states are:

    2 and 5 - Invalid userid

    6 - Attempt to use a Windows login name with SQL Authentication

    7 - Login disabled and password mismatch

    8- Password mismatch

    9 - Invalid password

    11 and 12 - Valid login but server access failure

    13 - SQL Server service paused

    18 - Change password required

    Any errors outside this general list and you should call perform a healthy Google/Forums search and if that fails, contact Microsoft Support.

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    Did you check if your account is locked in Active Directory, just in case!?


  • MyDoggieJessie


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    The OP says Windows Authentication is OK, it's when they log in with a SQL Server account that they get the error...this has no bearing on AD

    Never argue with an idiot; Theyll drag you down to their level and beat you with experience

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