Auditing with SQL Profiler

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    This is excellent and helpful, I have one problem that I had just installed the sql 2008 server evaluation edition, here i am not able to locate the option to run profiler under the TOOLS option, any reason, please help me to find the profiler.

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    The information may be valid, but the grammar is terrible. Worst I've seen on this site. If you don't speak English, that's totally acceptable. Write articles in your mother language. But if you want to write a professional article in English, please follow the basic rules of English grammar. Have somebody else proof read it and edit it.


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    This was an interesting article, but one point that never seemed to come up was the performance hit from allowing the profiler to run, especially near constantly. Depending on how busy the server is the performance hit might be tolerable, but it is certainly something to consider.

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