Auditing DTS Packages

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  • Very nice and an interesting idea for auditing packages. One question: Any issues with a trigger in msdb for patches/service packs? Not sure I like the idea of changing the system tables, but this is fairly minimal.

    I'm still more of a fan of NT auth for connections and auditing as well as having a separate owner pwd for people working on a package, but this is something I'll have to think about.

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  • Nice article. I was surprised SQL Server let me place the trigger on that system table. It blocks it for other tables unless you modify the table first.

    Keep in mind that any user with access to the DTS packages can delete the various versions and thus destroy a record of what changed.

    Its nice to know someone else has databases on each server for DBA use. Ours are referred to as SAResources.

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  • Thanks guys for the compliment.

    As to trigger in system databases for patches/service packs, it's hard to tell. I think it also depends on each individual patch/SP. Some patches/SPs might modify a table structure. When that happens, this trigger might get lost. I guess it's always a good idea to check after each patch/SP is installed.

    As to the deletion of a package, yes, a separate trigger has to be created to audit deletion of DTS packages.



  • This is a great article on DTS Auditing indeed.

    I was just wondering if you could use the same approach to audit the actual execution of all DTS packages instead of capturing the changes made to them. That is logging the execution of all DTS packages using a trigger on the systable? What sys tablee/fields can be used?

    This will greatly help DBA/Developer finding out which DTS packages are bieng called/used.

    I would greatly appreciate your input on this

    Thank you


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