Attunity Oracle Connector Not Showing Up in SSIS Toolbox

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    I've just about exhausted every effort I can research and absolutely cannot get the Attunity "Oracle Destination" and "Oracle Source" connector icons to show up in my SSIS project that I've designed in Visual Studio 2017.

    The local SQL Server installation on the development machine is the Development version (2017).

    Visual Studio 15.9.23 Professional is what I'm developing the SSIS project in, on the development machine.

    SSDT 15.9.5 is installed on the development machine.

    Both the 32-bit and 64-bit version of the Microsoft Connectors (Attunity) for Oracle (version 5.0) are installed on the development machine.

    I'm glad to provide any additional details.  All I know is that I've spent a considerable amount of time trying everything that's suggested online to try to get the Oracle Destination and Oracle Source icons for the Attunity Connector to show-up under the SSIS Toolbox (under "Data Flow" tab), and have had absolutely no success.  Very frustrated.

    Thanks in advance if anyone has any suggestions at all or if I need to provide additional details to help.

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  • brad.mccollum


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    Thanks... I'll check out those links right now and will post back on here if they prove helpful.  Appreciate it!

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