Attaching SSAS DAtabase Files on a different server

  • I can detach/attach SSAS database.

    But I have a software that protects(backs up) the files of the SSAS Database.

    What the customer needs is to be able to take these backed up files and port it to a different server and attach it there.

    But the new server complains that these files have no corresponding detach-log files.

    Has anybody successfully overcome this by any means? The customer doesn't want to backup and restore the SSAS databases.

    Any help is welcome.


    Paresh Motiwala

    Paresh Motiwala Manager of Data Team, Big Data Enthusiast, ex DBA

  • an SSAS database backup file is usually saved as a name.abf file.

    it sounds like you are trying to ATTACH an SSAS backup as if it were a Regular SQL MDF/LDF pair , so you get the error.

    you would connect to the SSAS instance via SSMS, and restore from there, it's a different interface.


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  • Hi Lowell, that has already been working . The customer doesn't need that. we just need to be able to attach the files without having detached them...

    Paresh Motiwala Manager of Data Team, Big Data Enthusiast, ex DBA

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