Asynchronous Service Broker used for Auditing

  • Asynchronous Service Broker used for Auditing.

    1 Should the initiator code sit within the trigger.(Trigger fires after update/insert on table).

    2. Data for XML is taken directly from the inserted table. Maybe the reason why the initiator is in the Trigger.

    3 Fire and forget setup, End CONVERSATION is first kicked off in the initiator.

    4 Target Ends Conversation with Clean up. I guess previously there were problems with sys.conversation_endpoints filling up. Now tempdb is filling up as endpoints/TO are being flushed to the TEMPDB.

    5.How to write a synchronous SSSB so it doesn’t affect tempdb.

  • 5.How to write asynchronous SSSB so it doesn’t affect tempdb.

    6 How to change to Synchronous SSSB, without performance issues.

  • Last question

    7. If the setup becomes synchronous and it still fires from the trigger does it have to complete the full cycle ie converstaion needs to completely finish before the trigger releases locks etc and is satisfied\completes its actions notifying the user.

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