Assigning categories to values 2

  • Nice question, good explanation. No SQL weirdness like that in yesterday's question, so much easier.

    Hugo Kornelis (5/15/2013)

    Dave62 (5/15/2013)

    A minor typo in the explanation.

    "... As soon as one evaluates to True, the corresponding ELSE is returned. ..."

    ELSE should be THEN in that sentence.


    hany.helmy (5/15/2013)

    In the Explanation: "A CASE expression will always evaluate the WHEN clauses from top to bottom. As soon as one evaluates to True, the corresponding [ELSE] is returned."

    I think it should be the corresponding [THEN] not else, correct me if I am wrong.

    You are both absolutely right. Sorry for that mistake. Unfortunately, I am unable to change the explanation. 🙁

    Steve will correct it for you if you ask him (private message works quite well for that) - it is better if simple errors in questions are fixed so that people who come across them later are not confused or misled.


  • Straightforward Question.



  • Easier question with lot more information.

    Desire to learn new things..

  • Easy question for me. Dank je, Hugo.

    Got bit by the evaluation of aggregates a while back and forgot about it so it's good to be reminded. Nogmaals hartelijk dank, Hugo.

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