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    Do you know if there is any ASP /ASPX .net code generator that can create web pages to display a dozen of SQL Server tables each on a separate web page?

    Just a simple straightforward view of small size tables as they are, nothing fancy.

    We just need to temporarily to put that content to be viewable by a number of people who involved into this data over the internet just for a couple of weeks and then we take it offline, we really do not feel like doing any coding or serious development for such a simple and temporary purpose but to use some code generator that will create a dozen of such pages and we can just upload them to host, change a connect string and that's all.

    Is there a software like that anywhere that we can use for such purpose to generate ASP pages??, ?

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    Well, you could use Visual Studio.  In System.Web.Helpers there's something called WebGrid.  You could put one of those on each page.

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