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    Hello all,

    I really need your help – I want to use the sample data in an Analysis Services Project in the Visual Studio, but the sample Data from the Sample Partitions will not be displayed.

    The actual situation:

    I use a Tabular AS Server 2016 and 2019

    Visual Studio 2019 with the latest Data Tools

    The data source is SQL Server (2014 / 2019), I’ve tried also the Legacy Mode of the data source

    The impersonation mode was created with a AD account which has access to the data

    I don’t use the Import Mode, I use Direct Query

    I connected two tables, one fact (5 bn rows, one dimension) and created sample partitionsAfter a “Refresh All” the VS reads all the data (the dialogue shows the process) and after finishing the visual studio shows no data in the grid.

    When I start Excel with Sample Data from the Visual Studio I can work with the data

    I’ve tried it also with a Visual Studio 2015 on a other Machine – but also with no success.


    Hope anyone has a hint for me …




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    Thanks for posting your issue and hopefully someone will answer soon.

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