Are You Worried About AI?

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  • I agree, I don't see AI as being a big danger in putting lots of people out of work. It probably will put some out of work, but perhaps some of those positions would have been going away anyway.

    What I'm more concerned about is not being allowed access to any generative AI. ChatGPT, Bing Chat, Google Bard, etc., are all blocked where I work. I don't know if the higher ups are afraid that Skynet is about to kill us all, or if they're afraid that people might divulge information like PII or PHI to an AI. No one answers the question why all forms of AI are blocked. Regardless the reason, the outcome will be people won't gain the experience at learning how to write good prompts to AIs.

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  • It's interesting for me in that we have access to CoPilot, but we have a lot of guidance on where it's not appropriate.


    FWIW, you can't use Bing and Bing chat? I wasn't sure that could be blocked without blocking all of bing.

  • I can use Bing, but I cannot use Bing Chat. When I try it spins, and spins, and never responds. So, I conclude it is blocked.

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  • Yes, AI can be danger but it makes things easy for us. I'm working as a writer with Realclobber where I'm posting blogs on different topics and for getting ideas from ChatGPT is ok as I'm doing so. But many people using it for content which is not a good practice and by doing so they become less creative.

  • I'm not worried about AI per se but I am worried the following scenarios

    • People using it as a crutch rather than a leg up
    • People not realising their responsibilities within a shared responsibility model.  Making loads of assumptions, not all of them correct.
    • Yet another weapon for the bodge it and wing it brigade.
  • You know, there are a lot of conversations about how AI will replace jobs. Particular industries like manufactoring, marketing, customer service, and IT be disrupted more than others. But I see this as an opportunity to realign our workforce into areas that could use more human attention.

    For example, maybe the manufacturing of solar panels will become totally automated - but whos is going to install all these mass produced (government subsidized) panels? As for customer service and manual farm labor, it seems like the next generation of human recruits are not signing up, but we still need more daycare workers and teachers.

    Also, if your current IT job can be automated, then chances are you're spending most of your time daydreaming about being some place else. Wouldn't you rather level up to a software or database engineer?

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  • My view is still that AI becomes a helper, which means less labor in creative industries, and possibly more in lower paid ones.

    I also think there are a lot of people who aren't very efficient with their time and output and an AI might cost them jobs, at the expensee of a fewer more productive people. That is somewhat the way of the world, but that will also create a cultural problem for those that struggle, and those that watch them struggle.

  • When I've used ChatGPT to help with some marketing content, it's not hard to see the deficiencies. Can it write, and write well? Yes. But, it always needs adjustments because it's not crafted properly for the target audience, and verbatim it doesn't generally fit the brand style. Yes, one can provide prompts to help fine tune those, but I haven't seen them work so far.

    The time may come (probably will) when an AI knows a company, it's brand voice, and it's audience better than I do. Until then ... I'm not too concerned.

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