Are Powerplans still relevant for VM servers?

  • Hello,

    I am rolling out a new monitoring environment.  While in testing, it is alerting on high performance plan not enabled.

    I did some research and found a lot of articles on improving SQL Server performance changing the powerplan from balanced to high performance.

    When I asked our platform team about the power plans, they said this is not applicable to VMs.

    Then I saw a few articles about creating a high performance SQL Server in the cloud.  Again, there is a reference to changing the power plan.

    Creating a high-performance SQL Server instance (

    So, a little confused.  Are the the power plans still relevant to SQL Servers even for VMs or cloud servers?


    Things will work out.  Get back up, change some parameters and recode.

  • if your VMs are with VMWARE Esx then yes it does apply - and for it to work the following must be enabled

    • Server Bios - enable max power
    • VM Host - enable max power
    • VM machine (vm config) - enable max power
    • windows - enable max power

    if one of them is off then it won't do it - even if your warnings from windows say its enabled.

    one link where it talks about settings - not all apply to all physical servers

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