Archival Options due to Regulation

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    Hi Guys,

    I have an ongoing need to provide a archival solution for an ex-production system for Regulatory reasons. In a nutshell:

    • active database is around 30GB, but there will be others pending of varying sizes
    • there may be the need for a couple of queries a year initially, tapering off
    • potentially need to retain for 25 years

    There's a number of options I could implement in our rack space but I've decided I need to roll my sleeves up and look at cloud options with long term storage, pay-what-you-use, abilities.

    My question is, with Azure, what would be the best options for a long term, hardly used, archival strategy?








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    we're using Stretch - easy to configure and just silently puts your old records in the cloud, but allows you to query it like it was one table - there are loads of limitations, but it does work without any need for human interaction

    just right click the table and hit "stretch" - the rest is a wizard driven interface - but the monitoring screen can be a bit "stupid" so brush up on the system views to monitor it


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