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  • Hello All,

    I’m looking at any ideas to strategize a new data architecture for our company. For the past 15 years we have worked with a On Premise application that uses a t-sql database. We used SSRS for ad hoc reporting and would extract data from each customer database into our servers for transformation into a standard Star Schema. We would use Tableau to consume and then to publish dashboards for our end users. Data was reprocessed nightly.

    I need to achieve a similar output except, Data is now being stored in Cosmos db and the dashboard / reporting tool will be Power BI. I know I can connect to Cosmos db from Power BI but some of our data output requires some very complex data transformations using value set tables.


    I’m trying to find the most efficient path from Cosmos db to Power BI and would most likely need a relational data model in between for us to consume using Power BI.  I have been told SQl server is too pricey, but MySQl may be an option ?

    ***SQL born on date Spring 2013:-)

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