application development with Azure.

  • Hi,

    I always worked with SQL server and never tried Azure yet. Day before i came up with a new design idea at work place. The idea is to develop a website that would connect Azure on the cloud. The data base will hold trivial data and this web site will allow users to play with it.

    The second phase of the design says late, this web site will allow users to access conpany's another application already exists on the cloud.

    So the questions are

    1) is it ok to have everything on the cloud with little traffic?

    2) can multiple application may interact with single application? how would they manage API's?

    3) Can we interact with multiple data providers at the same time, for example bloomberg,factset etc at the same with on the cloud?


  • If you only deploy your database to SQL azure and leave your web app on your local server (or hosted elsewhere), then the application may be pretty slow depending on the network speed between the server where the web app lives to where the azure server is that the app connected to at the moment. Moving small amounts of data will be quicker and may even be cached (or could be CACHEd) in a dataset on your web server, reducing hits to the SQL azure server.

    If you deploy your application to windows azure and your database to SQL azure, then you are likely to have better performance.


    Jim Murphy

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