Appending to a Text File with DTS

  • I am working on a DTS package that writes records to a text file. The first few rows need to be header rows that have information about the file on it (i.e. the Company the file is for and the number of record on the file, also the fields contained in the file) My plan was to write the first rows (which don't conform to the standard row format) with the company and record count and then let a data pump task write out the column headers and data, since that's what the datapump does. To get that to work, the file needs to be opened in an append mode. The normal mode overwrites any data on the file when the datapump opened it up. Do you know if it is possible to open the outfile in an append mode with a datapump?

  • I'm not sure. Since I know a little, I'd write out the data using DataPump. Then I'd use an ActiveX task to write a new file with the info and then read from the first file (data) and append to the second file. Then distribute the 2nd file.

    Kludgy, but I know it would work.

    Steve Jones

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