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  • zi


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    Dear Experts

    look at this scenario

    1- I have created a backup device

    2- I have created a maintenance plan full backup and run it - with overwrite option on the backup device

    3- I have created a maintenance plan differential backup and run it with append option on the same file of backup device

    4- I have created a maintenance plan log backup with append option on the same backup device

    when i made restore database from the backup device i found three files the full and differential and log backup

    5- I ran again the differential backup maintenance plan ( suppose to be ran everyday night )

    when i made restore database I found only two backups the full and the last differential !!!

    what I want to do is to take a full backup every week , append differential backup everyday and append log backup every hour

    when I ran the last differential backup it erased the first differential and log backups, why is this happening and how to apply this scenario and keep the all differential backups on the same backup device

    Thanks lot

  • sqlnyc


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    your task will be much simpler if you keep backups in separate files. I would also suggest using Ola Hallengren's backup scripts instead of maintenance plans, which can have some really terrible defaults.

  • Gail Shaw

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    1 backup per file, with the datetime as part of the file name, and don't use backup devices.

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  • Johan Bijnens

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    I don't use maintenance plans because of different issues.

    I use Backup devices for all sqlserver backups ( 3 devices per database ( Full / Diff / Log ) )

    Diff and log backups are incremental.

    I haven't had many issues using backup devices. I've been using them in this setup since SQL2000.

    Down side is msdb will always report the same filename used with a db backup of a given type.

    In any case, your recovery scripts/software will have to examine backup files for their content and see if it matches the database and the needed sequences.


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