AOAG w/o Cluster Forced Failover Issue

  • Hi all,

    I've set up a readscale AG with 1 primary and 3 secondary read-only replicas (all async). No AD, no cluster.

    Everything seems to work--the read-only replicas update properly as expected and are only slightly behind the primary, as expected.

    When I force a failover with data loss to a secondary replica, it knocks the other replica databases out of replication and I am unable to get them to recognize the new primary replica. After a forced failover the secondaries still have the original primary name listed in the dashboard.

    Is there a way to force the secondaries to recognize a new primary replica?


  • Got it resolved. It seems AOAG doesn't like it when the database username that owns the certificate used by the database mirroring endpoint is different from the associated login name.

    Go figure.


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