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    I'm looking into setting up a AOAG with a DR server which will have the option as NO for readable secondary.

    Under my understanding will mean I will not have to license the DR box.

    As best practise (Brent Ozar advice) indicates CHECKDB should be preformed all on nodes as they reside on different disks.

    Can CHECKDB be performed on this server with dbs stating no connection.

    If Checkdb can be performed will the server then need to be licensed.

    I imagine it will.

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  • Michael L John

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    If the secondary is not readable, you only need to purchase SA for the server.

    Checkdb can certainly be performed on a secondary, and it's recommended to do it on a secondary.

    I'm not sure how being able to run checkdb affects your licensing.

    As usual, with all licensing questions, ask Microsoft or your software vendor.

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    Thanks Michael, I was under the impression that running CHECKDB could be considered Production work which will then mean the server will require a license.

    SQL licensing feels like a religion it seems to be open to interpretation.


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