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  • Automation scripts are also good for documentation and certification. For example, if you can codify your month end process into a single script using a high level language like PowerShell, then another person can then read that script and understand how the process works. Essentially, that script becomes the single source of truth for how the process currently executes. There may still be differences between how the process is officially defined by the business and how it's technically implemented in the script, but a business analyst who knows PowerShell can review the code and certify it.

    However, if the process is executed by IT using a lot of manual steps, then it's much harder to certify, especially if the process is (more or less) executed by different staff members depending on who's turn it is to do month-end. Ask two people how a manual month-end process works, and you'll actually get two different answers.

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  • That's a great point. I hadn't thought about the variation between two people doing a process, but certainly there could be more or less steps, or more or less detail, in what gets done.


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