Any experience with IBM D7000 Storage?

  • Note: Title of post should be V7000 not D7000!

    I have been involved in several disk subsystem upgrades and whenever the vendor has been asked can we carve this up specifically for SQL Server the answer has always been "oh the San will manage that for you!"

    I have heard several horror stories from several clients when they have followed this approach in the past so I have always specified the raid levels, disk arrays etc. etc.

    Again another disk upgrade...this time for the V7000 and IBM's 'easy tiering'. My preference is to override this and follow standard best practices while configuring the environment to suit our needs.

    Any prior experiences or comments? I would be interested to know what others have done in the past, not just for the V7000 but for the congifuration of any new disks for SQL Server.

  • I would say test your workload with the 'easy tiering' in place and experiment with different raid levels within that context. The disk-virtualization technology has gotten better, it may surprise you. The biggest advantage is that you have the opportunity to get more IOPS out of your configuration than if you carve up the spindles yourself.

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