• I recently ran that Microsoft SQl Best Practices beta provided on Microsoft's website, and found that some of my database options were incorrectly set.  One of them was the ANSI_PADDING option.  So I made this change without a problem.  Here lies my question:  If i insert data into a table that was created before turning on the ANSI_PADDING option, will that data conform to the ANSI_PADDING?  If it does not, how can i convert all of the old tables in the database to the new standard?



  • Have a look at "Set ANSI_PADDING" in BOL.

    "Controls the way the column stores values shorter than the defined size of the column, and the way the column stores values that have trailing blanks in char, varchar, binary, and varbinary data.

    This setting affects only the definition of new columns. After the column is created, Microsoft® SQL Server™ stores the values based on the setting when the column was created. Existing columns are not affected by a later change to this setting. "

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