ANSI Padding

  • Hugo Kornelis (1/19/2011)

    Michael, the reason for this is in the message right above yours. Steve awarded points back to people who had already replid. That means that at that moment, the percentage of correct answer went up to 100%, but the distribution of selected answers remained unchanged.

    Hello Hugo,

    thank you very much for your epxlanation.

    Kind regards,


  • That is right, we still have about 5+ servers that are still SQL 2000 not including their DEV and TEST counterparts.

    Good question.

  • I selected four items correctly (I thought) but still received a wrong answer. I may need to get a new click finger or something.

    But this was a question that gave cause to think the process through... I was unaware, in fact, that our db does not have ansi_padding set to ON... I thought it was on, but this is not the case.

    Good question Tom, regardless of the confusion.


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