Another Disaster (Almost)

  • i talked to the vendor about pricing and for over the wan it is very reasonable. As for the disk space the documentations says three times the size of the databases. We are setting up a test enviroment up now using the demo. But it is hard to bet the farm on an unknown product that microsoft says they dont support.

  • Some comments:

    For Chance:

    First of all this is a technical site (I like very much) and not a linguistical one. The really aim of that is to spread all the infos around.

    Look. I'm Hungarian, I have never learned English or other languages and today I speek and write (more or less) English, German, and French. And I wouldn't be happy to see here on this site somebody criticize my English. This is just not the right place for that.

    Any how.

    I think we would need to see much more articles like this, just to learn from them.

    My personel opinion of clustering is following:

    It is very, very hardware depending.

    We have a qite big SAP infrastructure (100 GB) clustered on a kind of activ/activ cluster (the DB is on one node, the Central Instance on the other).

    From the beginning on we have had a lot of problems with the cluster: Failovers, then after a fail over no fail back etc.

    At the end our customer asked us to swich off (!) one node of the cluster during a critical year closing period because he has felt himself much more comfortable when the SAP was not clustered.

    In the meantime the vendor has investigated the whole HW environment, exchanged a lot of HW pieces, but has never admitted the rootcause of the problems was the HW.

    Now I have disk subsystem controller, cash, FC switch GBIC changed and now by wonder everything is working fine. So the vendor has closed the case.

    So, to summerise it: cluster is fine if the HW, the OS, the patches, the BIOS for every pieces are up to date and cluster ready.



  • We've got the hardware now for the cluster/san now, just need time to train for it and get it installed. Should be interesting to see!


  • hi guys,

    do you have any update on testing SQL Up!?

    i found this information by chance - i'm currently looking for any feedback about this product, as our company is considering to buy it - so any news from you would be greatly appreciated. greetings from germany,


  • There have been some other posts, but so far I haven't heard from anyone who has it running. I think I posted earlier that it was definitely interesting when I saw the demo.


  • allright - then I will simply test it as good as possible - just started installing it and it's more confusind than I thought! I will share my experiences with you afterwards.

    have a nice day,


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