Analyzing Product Growth with the Management Data Warehouse

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  • Thanks for the article.

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  • Good article.

    Would really like to know how to incorporate SQL 2000 and SQL 2005 into the Management Data Warehouse. Think MS slipped up not allowing that.

    Sure you can't capture everything that is available on SQL Server 2008, but diskspace on SQL 2000 is just the same as disk space on SQL 2008.

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  • Thanks for reading.

    I agree that not having access to the data collector GUI/stored procedures on SQL 2000/2005 instances makes it difficult to use the MDW as an enterprise-wide trending/profiling solution. Best solution in this case would probably be to strip out the collection set definitions and roll them into your own SSIS/DTS packages, but this really negates a big selling point of the MDW/data collection for me, that being its centralized, integrated architecture.

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