Analysis Services archiving is not working

  • Hi,

    I am able to archive the Analysis Services db's using the msmdarch on one server but not the other server. (It is working in the Test environment but not the Production environment.) Here are the details:

    Both servers are SQL Server 2000 sp1.

    I compared sp_configure and both servers have the same settings.

    The Production server is clustered and the Test Server is not clustered.

    I can archive in TEST using the following:

    - From Analysis Manager

    - Using the msmdarch command from a command prompt

    - From a scheduled job using the "Operating System Command" Type from a job step entering the msmdarch command in the Command box.

    - Using the msmdarch command with xp_cmdshell within Query Analyzer and from a Stored Procedure.

    I can archive in PRODUCTION only using:

    - From Analysis Manager

    - Using the msmdarch command from a command prompt

    ** It does not work from a job or from Query Analyzer

    I have checked the permissions of the SQL Server Agent account on both servers and they are identical with sa rights and a member of the OLAP Administrators group.

    Does anyone have any thoughts on what could be causing this?

    Thank You


  • Michael,

    So far none of us here at SQLServerCentral have much experience with Analysis - you're on your own for now! We're working on it, but it will take a while to fill the gap. In the interim, I'd suggest you try to posting your question in one of the MS newsgroups.


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