An Interview with Allen Kinsel, PASS Board Candidate

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  • Steve, thank you for your work and for this interview: You spend a lot of time doing good things good!

    When reading this interview I had the feeling to read the speech of a politician. Boring to read, and if you succeeded in reading all, you still remember nearly nothing.

    At least _I_ had difficulties to remember even three of the main topics. It somehow didn't touch me. Perhaps I am missing a crisis 🙂

    I missed a basic (?) question:

    "Which problems does PASS face in your opinion?"

    Yes, there was the question what Allen wants to gain in the next two years; still I think there is a slight but important difference: Perhaps there are other goals compared to the problems we may have.

    And I had my difficulties to find the red line to follow in the interview.

    The answer to your question "As competition increases, how should PASS compete, or should they partner and work with other event organizers? " was OK, still I have the feeling that I read it and forgot it. Yet I think Allen is right: PASS is no real competition and the other events are no real competitors because PASS embraces them. And doesn't try to suffocate the others. But doesn't Allen see any danger in the competition?

    For example: The board of speakers in the SQL Intersection a week later is quite impressive! Am I wrong or does PASS lose some well known names as speakers? Should PASS perhaps improve its reputation a bit?

    I liked your questions: They were not easy to answer and you mentioned quite a lot of critical topics. For me interesting to see some questions I have never thought about before.

    @allen: I think you will have to do a lot of work and if you succeed there will be a lot of people that do NOT envy you, including me 😎 You are a very active community member and many people will appreciate that, including me 😉 What would help me in future times to read an interview like that: less words! I wish you all the best!

    Best regards

    Jens-Peter 🙂

    If you set out to do something, something else must be done first.

  • Good questions, and I pinged Allen to let him know this thread had a post.

    This is a political job, and politics come into play.

    I tried to ask some tough ones here. I had hoped PASS would submit these to other candidates, but they chose not to.

  • In my opinion your questions were tough: You did a very good job! Better than the most questions for politicians in talk shows (that won't answer the questions anyway).

    Best regards

    Jens-Peter 🙂

    If you set out to do something, something else must be done first.

  • Too bad there aren't any interviews with the other candidates.

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