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    Please indulge me for asking a rather vague, 10,000 foot type question. I hope to get some feedback from anyone who faced a similar situation. Thanks!

    A manufacturing company uses three separate instances of the same ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software in three different countries (U.S., Sweden and China).  The ERP system uses sql server 2017 for it's database.

    What are the possibilities of using SSIS to integrate the three instances of the ERP data into one central warehouse?

    If security and infrastructure considerations are satisfied and the data is integrated what are the possibilities for sharing reports and cubes from the warehouse with users in each country?

    Would an Azure warehouse be useful in this case?


  • MVDBA (Mike Vessey)


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    My guess is that you are going to hit some collation issues along the way - unless everything is done in Binary collation.

    the Chinese one in particular might hurt you


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    How much of the localization is being done in the ERP vs directly in the DB?  For example are dates stored in local time or as UTC time?  Similar issues for lookups etc.....

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    Thanks for your responses!   Although i have built many data warehouses this is my first international situation.   I will need answers to these questions from the client before i can determine what is possible.  It may end up being separate warehouses which is less than ideal.

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