an idea please on warnning

  • hello ,

    Does anyone know why I have yellow exclamation mark and it is that this warning

    Sans titre

    Sans titre2

    here with the syntax of the request in question

    SELECT TOP 1000 checks.ID as Id, log.ID as IdEvent, checks.ExpandedFolder, log.ResultID, results.Result, log.TimeSecs, checks.DisplayName, replace(log.Explanation,',','') Explanation, checks.CheckTypeID as CheckTypeID, checks.ExpandedFolder as tags FROM BD_ACTIVEXPERTS.dbo.Log log LEFT JOIN BD_ACTIVEXPERTS.dbo.Log hlog ON hlog.CheckID = log.CheckID AND hlog.TimeSecs > log.TimeSecs INNER JOIN BD_ACTIVEXPERTS.dbo.Results results ON results.ID != 5 AND results.ID = log.ResultID INNER JOIN BD_ACTIVEXPERTS.dbo.Checks checks ON log.CheckID = checks.ID AND checks.ExpandedFolder LIKE '%hypervision%' WHERE hlog.CheckID IS NULL



  • I thought to answer it by writing my own stuff here. But then I typed the warning message provided by you on google search and it gave me the following URLs on the first page. It should help you understand it clearly.


    Whenever you get any error or warning, always read it again and again, unless you understand the error/warning. Mostly, the error/warning message itself will give you both its cause and solution. You just need to read it patiently.

    Happy Coding!

  • If you can post the whole message it would be of help. This could indicate your statistics are outdated. A bad estimation of rows could lead to a scan instead of a seek with an index.


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