An Amazing Interview

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  • Your story contains some good advice both on how to stand out in an interview, and on what kind of attitude to have to be able to cope with the difficulties that come up.

    Maybe what is most amazing is that her skills turned out to match her enthusiasm. I'm sure a lot of people who seem good at the interview turn out to only have a good façade to cover their inadequacies?

    For myself, I like the work I do but do not do well in interviews because I do not have the confidence or social skills.

    I miss being able to read the discussion of the editorials. I guess when everyone is working from home they don't have time to read and respond?

    Thanks for your contribution.

  • I havn't been a  candidate for several years, but one thing I do during a technical interview is ask for an example of what challenges the team encountered on a recent project. Yeah, I know that's a question that typically asked to the candidate - not something asked by the candidate - but I'm atypical in many ways. But, listening to team  members explain their project, not only does that shed some light on what type of projects I would potentially be working on, but it also provides an opportunity for me showcase how my own past experience and skills would add immediate value to the team. Or, maybe after delving into the details of what they are working on, I'm not interested in the job at that point. Either way, it's useful information, and I think interviewers appreciate when a candidate shows interest.

    "Do not seek to follow in the footsteps of the wise. Instead, seek what they sought." - Matsuo Basho

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