An AlwaysOn Bug with Service Broker Transmission Queue

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  • Was wondering, is this a bug specific to CU6? If one avoids applying SP1's CU6, maybe just installing CU5, would one then avoid this bug?

  • I don't think so, no. SQLDiablo identified the problem in the RTM release, we found it again in SP1. While describing the problem to a Microsoft support engineer, he told us to apply CU6 ASAP because there is a bug in SP1. The (unrelated) SP1 bug causes the windows installer to start repeatedly which causes the windows registry to inflate. We checked the registry on all our sql servers, found a bad one and ended up having to reinstall the OS on it, I didn't know whether to laugh or cry.

    Best wishes

  • This bug is listed as fixed in SP1 CU9 now. Has anyone tried it yet and can confirm that the fix works?

  • And thanks very much for taking the trouble to report and document this bug Paul Brewer. Came across your post because I think we have this issue occurring now in one of our AG's and was searching for info 🙂

  • Hi Woody,

    This update has fixed the issue as it is described in the article, I am no longer able to trigger the transmission queue problem 🙂

    Best wishes

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