Always On Primary Node needs to be rebooted

  • I have 2 node AAG setup. Currently listener is on Primary Node1.

    I have SQL job running on Node 2 (secondary node)which is reading data from a database that is involved in availability group( in sync with Node1) and writes to DB(this is not part of availability database) on Node 2.

    If I manually failover Node1 to Node2, reboot Node1 and fail back the listener to Node1, will it affect the SQL job that is running on Node2?


    Thanks in advance.

  • No, it should not affect the job unless the job is touching any database in the primary replica which you want to reboot but thats not the case here.

    But i think we should wait for others because im not 100% sure if when the failover happens and the databases are read-only the swap between the state of read-only to read-write since its gonna become the main replica its gonna disrupt the process.

  • Yes, I think the same too, it might interrupt the process as the SQL job is using select statement that is reading from the database that is in sync with the primary and writing to the database that is not part of AAG.

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