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  • That's an impressive list of things that it doesn't like. However, it does look very useful for guarding credit card, bank account details and suchlike.

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  • Thanks for the question on this new 2016 feature.

  • Very interesting topic, thank you Dathuraj. Outside references to MSDN, i used this article:

  • Thank you for that question.

  • Nice question, thanks.

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  • I think I'm going insane - I spent some time reading documentation about this, and looking for things that were true instead of lookig for things that were false (because documentation usually covers things that are true better than it covers things that are fales). Once I'd found two things that I was certain were true I picked those as my answer :crazy:, forgetting that the question had asked for two things that were false :laugh: .

    Maybe in future I will remember to drink less red wine :unsure: while reading up on new stuff if I'm doing it to answer a question which I've inverted - either that, or remember that I inverted the question despite the red wine :-D.


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