Alternative to MRTG?

  • I am looking for an alternative to using MRTG graphs that

    feed off csvs from performance monitor.  I have it running

    ok, but have some problems with getting 0 figures in the

    data stream from time to time and on initial setup.

    I don't know much about SNMP and really cannot install

    anything on the servers as we keep them pretty "clean" of

    3rd party applications.  Can SNMP be used as is with a

    default install of Win2K Server/Advanced?  And are there

    samples or a web site that can help?

  • Are you looking for free or something that you purchase? BMC, NetIQ, others have pay products. I used MRTG, but had help setting it up and it worked beautifully.

  • Free.

    I use the Win2K Perfmon to record data to a csv file, then I massage the csv file to get the last line that mrtg then reads. 

    This all works fine, but sometimes perfmon records 0s very consistently for NIcs.  Specifically these machines have two nics (web servers).  One NIC it will report, but then the other one it won't.  When I restart it, it may report on the other one, but then that's it.


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