Alternative for Checkpoint in SSIS

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    I had a package which has a parallel processing of control flow tasks because of that checkpoint is not working as expected.Please let me know an alternative to overcome from this.

    I tried a way to overcome this by using pre-execute event(For Every Task) to disable the executed tasks when we rerun the package again after failure.In pre-execute event I retrieve the flag value to the variable from log Table(Which was created every time package rauns.Table have package details,tasks details and Flag-To store whether the tasks executed or not in the form of True or Flase) and pass the variable to the task expression to disable it.But package is not executing as expected.Expression i used was Var_name =="True" ? (DT_BOOL) 1 :(DT_BOOL)

    Please let me an alternative for this. I need this on urgent basis.

    Note: I'm looking for - Is any alternative for checkpoints
    Thanks in advance


  • What exactly is your question here? You say you're looking for an alternative to checkpoints, so what functionality, instead, are you looking for if not a checkpoint?


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