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  • If you are not able to view the script.

    Pls click on scriptmanager.

  • Nice script.

    I found on my servers, 2008 R2, I had to divide growth by 128 to reflect the value shown in the UI.

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  • This will display the data more accurately AS LogicalFileName

    , isnull(, 'Log') AS FilegroupName

    , physical_name AS PhysicalOSName

    , (df.size * 8 / 1024) AS SizeMBs

    , case df.max_size

    when 0 then 'No Growth'

    when -1 then 'Unlimited'

    when 268435456 then '2TB'

    else cast(df.max_size / 128 AS VARCHAR(10)) + ' MBs'

    end AS MaxFileSize

    , case df.is_percent_growth

    when 0 then cast(df.growth / 128 AS VARCHAR(10)) + ' MBs'

    else CAST(df.growth AS VARCHAR(10)) + ' %'

    end AS Growth

    from sys.master_files df left outer join sys.filegroups fg ON df.data_space_id = fg.data_space_id

    order by df.type


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  • Thanks William and Perry for the response.

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