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    Hello. This should be simple, maybe. I have to work with over a dozen servers all named such as VSKDFJLMM99003. I don't want to (well, I can't) rename the servers. But it would be nice that when looking at Object Explorer, they were labeled as something more readable, like "Mortgage_dev" or something like that. Is there a way to do this?

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    Use Registered Servers.

    In SSMS hit Ctrl+Alt+G (or go to View->Registered Servers) and a new pane will be opened. If you wish you can dock that to a position (I have it below my object explorer). Create a new server group in Local Server Groups (by right clicking and selecting the option) and give it an appropriate name. Right click your newly created group and select "New Server Registration". Put the Host and instance name in the Server name box (in this case VSKDFJLMM99003) and select the appropriate Authentication Method. Then enter your "friendly" name at the bottom in "Registered server name" (perhaps "VS Production"). If you need to add any other additional properties, complete those as well. Finally, test and save the connection.

    Your server will then be displayed within the Group you created, however, the "Friendly" name will be shown instead. If you double click that you will connect the the instance and will also have it's "friendly" name in the object explorer too.


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    Thank you very much Thom. That was exactly what I was looking for.

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