Alert keeps triggering...HELP

  • I have an Alert set for Fatal error 021. This has been ok for a while, but since our systems admin fiddled with Backupexec and/or rebooted the SQL Server machine it keeps triggering the event. I get the mail :

    DATE/TIME:14/01/02 11:37:38


    Login succeeded for user 'SPLC\Administrator'. Connection: Trusted.


    JOB RUN:(None)

    Although I can`t see whats logging in, SQL Server services log in with this account but no database logins do...??

    Any ideas? All db`s are running ok.


  • What does your Event Log say about this system error message?



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  • Interesting. I tried this awhile back, but couldn't get it to work and bailed. I can take a look tomorrow.

    Steve Jones

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