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  • Not quite sure where to post this or how quite to ask as its early stage

    I am looking for two type of AI tool

    1. A tool to go through data and check accuracy/ confidence levels

    very simple example( millions of records )

    a customer table with Company name  , addresses, postcodes etc

    a separete table with valid company  names

    The AI tool would go through the table and show the accuracy and confidence level of each record against the company names. In the table it may say Fred Bloggs Limited whereas the valid company is Fred Bloggs Ltd

    2. AI Tool to allow no tech users to query a sql database using english and produce data, reports stats etc

    A lot to ask but just putting the initial feelers out


  • Well, the first one is, I'm guessing, being worked on by someone, somewhere. I don't know of any though.

    The second one, yeah, I can help. Redgate Software, my employer, is working on an AI tool that does exactly that, take an English statement and turn it into a viable T-SQL statement. We're just getting started on it, but you can take part in the testing. Sign up here.

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