AI Medical Record Scanning

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  • No, thanks.  Next time you go to your doctor, just picture him looking through all the crap some kid like Sam Bankman-Fried sitting in his basement at the computer wrote the  code for.  Or consider that your tests results might come from some crook like Elizabeth Holms (from her prison cell!).

    I'll stick with my wonderful doc who sits himself on a little roll-around stool, looks me in the eye and LISTENS to me.  Then when we are done he gets up and actually walks me through checkout and all the way to the front door of the clinic.

    And here's the irony it all, I call him my 'anti-virus doc'.  His name is McAfee!

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  • There was a good article in Scientific American titled "Artificial General Intelligence Is Not as Imminent as You Might Think" that argues that when the profit motive is involved there is an incentive to drive profit so you may not hear about the actual accuracy of the data through the sales hype.

  • This is good news. Given that AI, and I think especially ML, can review the data and make recommendations or raise alerts, can be helpful. The medical staff need to review, of course, then decide if action is required.

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  • First, doctors get busy in hospitals, and in offices, and they can and do miss things. This is like another pair of eyes looking at data. The AI has no ability to decide what is wrong, order anything, or prescribe treatment. It's a flag. Not sure how you find that problematic. This has been started to be used with radiologists as well. Not to take work away, but have someone look behind them, or maybe point out scans that might deserve more time.

    Now, will this flag be aimed to increase profits? Might be. Certainly now, plenty of doctors do things to either increase their revenue or decrease costs. They avoid some tests, or they might do something like add procedures. Lots of evidence that doctors and hospitals make decisions for profit. Lots more cesarean procedures, lots of other little profit generating procedures that take little time and make $$$. Ai is no different. Humans will change things to benefit themselves, which is why we ought to have more transparency on how humans and AIs make decisions.

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